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Thank you for taking the time to look at this national grassroots effort for SIDS and unsafe sleep education. Please take two minutes to read about a project that we believe will help you make an enormous impact on preventing infant death in your area.

What’s the project?
This project will create an animated DVD, teaching the latest in safe sleep and SIDS prevention. The primary target audience is older siblings of a newborn, with a secondary audience of the parents or caregiver. The DVD would be owned by you- no copyright, and 100% reproducible by your organization. You are encouraged to put your own hospital, health department, fire department, or other agency’s name and logo at the beginning of the video or after the end credits. (You aren’t supporting our project, you are supporting yours).


Why are you so sure it will work?
This project was designed by firefighters, who know a thing or two about prevention education. “Stop, drop and roll” is known by virtually every adult in the country, although adults were never our primary target. When you convince a child that seat belts are vital, they lecture parents who don’t wear them. This is a way to reach parents and teach them infant safety that has not ever been accomplished before. (The most successful educational programs hit the intended audience from several different directions).



How would parents get the DVD?
Hospitals can give them away to new moms when they leave the hospital. Health Departments can distribute them with WIC or other programs for parents. Organizations already hand out or have available brochures intended for the same purpose. We believe a cartoon on DVD will be viewed more often than written literature, and multiple times. (There are a lot of parents out there who watched Barney or the Teletubbies way too many times, unwillingly. The fact is, many parents watch, or at least listen from the other room).



Who wrote the script?
Firefighters from Mentor, Ohio responded to three infant deaths in 6 months within a half mile of each other. They partnered with the Mentor Police, Lake County General Health District, Lake Hospitals, and Prime Health Pediatrics to put together a local media blitz. The movement was successful in Lake County, but we realized that a national project was necessary. As a result of our research, we wrote a script that took into account the latest information for SIDS prevention and safe sleep. We sent the script to several experts around the country to ensure that it was accurate. (In fact, if you would like to review the script and make suggestions Click on the link below to read the complete project proposal and research involved).


To view the entire project proposal and script Click here

Help us reach our goal for this important project

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What about the language and race of the characters?
The animation is all animals, with a porcupine family at the center of the story. The video can easily be recorded in any language and pertain to any group of people. (If you speak Swahili, we might be able to use your help).


Aren’t PSA’s boring?
Yep, and that’s why we aren’t making one. This script is funny and interesting. It includes original music and a great sing-along for young children. The script has already been used by girl scouts who performed it as a play. We spent almost as much time evaluating the script for the story as we did the lesson. (We know if the story is no good the DVD is going in the garbage).



How much money are you trying to raise?
Obviously, a professional computer animated cartoon 15 minutes long could be several million dollars. We have a goal of $30,000. That amount is enough to make the video and create enough master DVD’s to distribute to everyone who is involved. One animator that has shown interest in the project is Kim Hunter. An example of the quality and style we are considering can be found at


How can I trust that the money I give is really going to the project?
Great question! First off, none of us get paid anything. We are an all-volunteer 501c3 public charity located in northeast Ohio. Our website shows many of the projects we have completed and educational programs we provide. We have already committed to this project and our members put up the first $500. We also opened a bank account specifically for this fund. Any donations we receive will be posted here with your name, unless you request to remain anonymous. We will update the website often with a running total. No money will be removed from the account until we have enough to create the video. (Copies of the bank statement will be posted or made available for your review if requested).



Okay- I’m in. What can I do to help?
The first thing we need is your help spreading the word. Email every person at every agency you know that cares about preventing infant deaths, and would like to be involved in creating and distributing this project. Ask your family and friends to join you. You can donate money either by clicking the Paypal button above, or mailing a check. Please identify that the donation is for the SIDS project so it’s deposited in the correct account. Since we are a 501c3, your donation is probably tax deductible. (Check with your tax advisor).    


Checks can be sent to:

Mentor Safety Village/SIDS
7262 Jackson Street
Mentor, Ohio 44060

Anything else?
We just want to make it clear that we are not in the business of competing with other SIDS and unsafe sleep organizations for funds. This is a grassroots effort for a one-time project that is intended to help all of us achieve our goal. We know money is tight, but we also know this project will be effective if we get it in parents’ hands. We also realize that 30,000 dollars is a lot, but if you consider how many people like you are interested in preventing infant deaths in this county, it only takes a donation of $5-$10 per person. Larger donations and corporate sponsorships just make the video sooner. DVD’s are cheap to reproduce locally, and you are welcome to make as many as you like, put the video on your website, show it in your waiting room, whatever you choose. Finally, if you prefer to talk to us about the project, please email us and we’ll have someone contact you as soon as possible. Thanks for your help!