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The Mentor Safety Village Plan
The wheel was one of the greatest inventions of all time. From early on, children are fascinated by the wheel due to its ability to move. One of the first toys kids choose after learning to walk is a stroller, or something to push. They love riding on toys, are fascinated by cars, trucks and busses. Tricycles are soon replaced with training wheels on bicycles, then scooters, mini-bikes, ATVs. What teenager doesn’t look forward to driving? America’s fascination with the automobile is second to none. It should be no surprise to us that the wheel is responsible for more deaths to children than any other invention.
Changing that is our priority. We have seen what unintentional injuries can do to a child, and we’ve also seen what prevention and education can do as well. 

 The plan for Mentor Safety Village is to create a place where children can learn safety for life. We believe you can teach safety with interactive lessons that teach in a way that children will not soon forget.  We are going to give Mentor Safety Town a permanent home, where technology is more abundant and virtual reality becomes all to real. Where real trains cross real roadways and children can learn how to safely cross.   The police can teach crime prevention and gun safety in their own “Mentor Safety Village Police Station”, where an actual Mentor Police Car is parked.

We are planning  a 911 dispatch center so real, that we can actually dial 911 and practice talking to a dispatcher. We want retired firefighters to teach fire prevention, and tell fascinating stories in Old Station One. We are planning to teach children about city government in “Old Council Hall”, and learn the dangers of their own home in the “Safety House”.  We plan to have a place to pass out bike helmets, gun locks, stickers, coloring books, smoke detectors, 9 volt batteries, and even check car seats.

The wheel has a permanent place in our lives, and it should be the cornerstone of Mentor Safety Village. Although unintentional injuries are the number one cause of death for children, almost every one is preventable. We know how to prevent them. Don’t you think our children should?  


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